hummingbird pro vs j45

Die Epiphone Hummingbird Pro im bonedo-Test - 1960 brachte Gibson eine Gitarre auf den Markt, die auf den ersten Blick einer Dreadnought sehr ähnelte: die Hummingbird (= Kolibri), eine Akustikgitarre, die Rockgeschichte schreiben sollte. The back opened up and they had a few dozen guitars on disply, tuned up and let anyone strolling by play what they wanted to. Gibson uses aged wood to make all their top end guitars just like Martin and other good companies. Steel-String Guitar with Pickup Inspired by the Gibson J-45, Square shoulder dreadnought body design, Solid sitka spruce top, Solid mahogany back and sides, Mahogany neck, Indian laurel fretboard,... Top: Spruce, Solid; Back … But, the Christmas season is the worst time to purchase anything, in hast. € 2.045. Since these are high-end guitars, expect that they’ll cost a few grand. Wir sind selbst Musiker und teilen die Leidenschaft für's Musizieren mit Ihnen. This potent tonewood combination delivers a strikingly resonant tone that you and your audience can really feel. I have large hands and I have no trouble with the short scale. I love the j45 true vintage but I prefer to have a cutaway so I started looking at hummingbird pro and songwriter (although there is something I don like about songwriter...cannot say what, maybe is silly but I can't explain...). Welcome, Guest. Das Deluxe-Modell der J45 ist mit einem Korpus aus Palisander gefertigt - was den Bassanteil und die Wärme/Fülle des Klangs nochmals steigert. if you can afford a Hummingbird Pro, get it if you play in a rhythm section playing and not playing lots of lead part.   Pasted as rich text. pocaloc 0 pocaloc 0 Member; Members; 0 66 posts; Location Spokane, WA; Report post; Posted March 7, 2011. Marian Seraph AD2 MWX. Any price, of any product, should be negotiable when it goes well over any grand, especially with guitars from any other music store as well. I'm a big guy with big meaty fingers. The 45 was a great Guitar but my 45TV is even better. Obwohl diese Gitarre seit nunmehr über 50 Jahren produziert wird, hat sich das Erscheinungsbild immer wieder gewandelt. That said, I'm very happy with my TV and again, it was worth every penny more. Seems like a really quality instrument. £3.60. Body Style Songwriter Dlx Body shape – comes in cutaway or non-cutaway, Back, sides and neck Mahogany, Top Sitka Spruce, Fingerboard and bridge Indian Rosewood, Scale Length Long (25 ½”), Nut Width 1.6875, Fingerboard Inlay MOP Parallelograms, Available Color Vintage Sunburst, some in Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Electronics Non-cutaway -- Baggs Element; Cutaway -- Fishman Prefix Plus-T. 4.500 € 52062 Aachen- Mitte. Is the scale length that important? The floral inlay in the headstock is very classy ,and just enough. 1 . Aber auch in Sachen "Langlebigkeit - eine Gitarre für´s Leben" hat Gibson seine J-45 so verarbeitet, dass Sie jahrelange Spiefreude garantiert. The Gibson Hummingbird Pro guitar's split parallelogram inlays are made of genuine mother of pearl, and are inserted into the fingerboard using a process that eliminates gaps and doesn't require the use of fillers. Then, I plugged her in to see what she sounded like goong through an acoustic amp. The Hummingbird Pro is a very sweet sounding, short scale gem . But it is in fact long scale at 25.5" according to my measurement of my recently-acqiured example (mine has no cutaway). 2,298 268. Yeah it is priced a little lower than the original Hummingbird, but it is still a quality guitar. It's your choice. Epiphone J-45 AVS . So both guitars will cost me anywhere from $1,450 to $1,800, with the J-45 … The Standards are more hit and miss. I like the versatility of the 45 - you can play practically any style on this Guitar. Listen to samples on Ytube. Taylor 814ce V-Class. Taylor 914ce V-Class Bracing. 1 . Learn here Klanglich klasse, genauso wie die Spielbarkeit und Abnahme. Both guitars have Elixir Custom Light strings, and the audio was recorded on a Zoom H2n set to 4 channel mode. 08.01.2021. Working and repairing guitars at Gibson for many years. I played her unplugged for a while, and she sounded so rich and full. Thanks for the replies. A lot more sound than you expect. Of course, the real signature of a guitar is it’s tone, so I made a short video comparing the Gibson Hummingbird to the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro. The positive comments will only serve to fuel the GAS I'm feeling for this guitar. But even if it is U.S. in origin, and contracted through Gibson (maybe, Epiphone of China) it is most likely been inflated of its true value when compared to other makes on the market. £1,350. Why Was the Broadway Phantom of the Opera Half a Mask? Gibson J-45 Cutaway VS 2019 Vintage Sunburst. The J-45 was and still is the no. Perhaps more of a C shape as compared to the 45's slight V shape. I used to own a J-45 Standard that I sold and bought a J-45TV. Can't go wrong in dealing with E. M. Shorts. Stock price = the set price, for that day of sales. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 1963 Gibson J-45 Gibson J-45 Acoustic in Cherry Sunburst Who doesn't love the well-worn and... Versand möglich. Harley Benton Pro-20 Gold Flat Patch Cable. Show variations of this product . rbpicker. As we all recommend around here, try them out all for yourself and discover what your real needs and expectations are for ANY guitar in question... especiallly when you've already had some experience to know the differences. Clear editor. Gibson Case Koffer J45 J15 J35 J29 G45 Hummingbird Dove. For me, the Hummingbird Pro tone is a bit more of everything I like about the J-45. I have played various Gibsons, Taylors and Martins. Exclusive: Bitcoin transfer eyed in Capitol riot, Witherspoon 'heartbroken' over 'Election' co-star's death, This may be a bad time to buy a Mega Millions ticket, 'Mona Lisa of sports cards' sells for record amount, U.S. executes Virginia killer despite COVID-19 infection, Texas megachurch pastor sent to prison for fraud scheme, Hailey Bieber opens up about toll of online trolls, 'Saved by the Bell' star reveals cancer diagnosis, Macaulay Culkin: Edit Trump out of 'Home Alone 2', Raiders owner Mark Davis buying WNBA team. Does that mean I can't drink anymore?   You cannot paste images directly. This particular guitar had a very unique walnut back with a blonde stripe running down the middle and sides making this guitar look as good as it sounded. Reply to this topic; Start new topic ; Recommended Posts. Its maple neck and SlimTaper "D" neck profile sits solidly in your hand, begging you to play for hours. Well i am still wanting to buy a "good" J-45. 165 € 12053 Neukölln. I'd have to go along with Mikey for once, I played a J45 for a few years, it was alright but nothing to write home about, same went for the other models of Gibson acoustics I've played, for what the guitar delivers the price takes away, There's a lot of good guitars out there now days, Personally I don't care what the logo on the headstock says as long as I like the guitar, If you want to age a guitar these days you spend $150 bucks and buy a Tonerite, slap that sucker on there for a few weeks and you'll think the guitar has been played everyday for the last 30 years. I brought my capo and the hummingbird pro really was better for me when using a capo. Gibson J-45 Studio Rosewood AN. The Hummingbird Pro adheres to tradition with its solid spruce top over mahogany back and sides. Discover Professional Songwriting Secrets! I amprepearing to get my first acoustic Gibson. I went and played both guitars today side by side. Taylor 714ce V-Class. 2,298 268. This is all retail and profit setting done in compliance with fair trade ('suggested retail pricing') and exchange according to the market support and demand of any product. The HP has more bling if you like that sort of thing. Followers 0. Given the specs posted by Vincent, could it be the nut width (effectively 1 11/16 rather than 1 3/4)? Gibson gets better with aged. I was initially leaning toward the Hummingbird. Biete meine top gepflegte J45. Gibson 50s J-50 Antique Natural. I can say that as I had a 65 J45 and let it go. J45 or Hummingbird Pro Sign in to follow this . Die J45 trägt zu Recht den Beinamen "The Workhorse - Das Arbeitstier". × This is my first major guitar purchase. 1 . So aging is not an issue. I found J-45's made in 2000's used, because I want one a little aged. Registered Member. Die Gibson J-45 Standard VS ist bis heute eines der Top-Modelle des U.S.-amerikanischen Traditionsherstellers aus Bozeman Montana und deckt mit ihrer zeitlosen Optik und ihrem vielseitigen Klang alles ab, was eine Westerngitarre braucht. Played one yesterday at GC just 24 hours out of the box. By I've been looking for a premium acoustic … So kreierte er eine neue Familie von Mandolinen und Gitarren, die schnell zu den besten Instrumenten ihrer Gattung zählten. This produces a deep bass tone with sharp highs. The Hummingbird Pro, even if used, won't be aged much at all since it's fairly new. nothing overdone or gaudy here. Given this information, what would you advise me to do? to the product. This would be a consideration for me in ordering a guitar I could not play first. × How can you cash in on the potential growth that penny stocks have to offer? Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. Unofficial Taylor Guitar Forum - UTGF . This is my first major guitar purchase. I've liked the sound of all Hummingbirds I've played, but I can't help but keep going back to the J-45 seeing as it is "the" classic in my and a lot of other people's books. The Hummingbird Pro , even if used, won't be aged much at all since it's fairly new. They both (products and stock shares) go up and down as does supply and demand for everything. Makes for a great rhythm box (think Stones), not so great for other uses (not that you cant; just not optimal). I played a Hummingbird Pro at a local Guitar Center and it was an outstanding example. What makes mahogany guitars so desirable? Produktvariationen . Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. Anyway, financial matters forced me to sell and I ended up with a Seagull S6 to replace it. € 2.699. Not so Birds-- the 25.5 scale ones before 99 dont have the sound. It seemed the neck profile was a bit bigger than the 45's. 1963 Gibson J45. Agree with Chrisa that the SWD neck is a bit tricky to get a hang off. That includes the Gibson J30 J40 J45 J50 J160E Humming Bird HummingBird Pro Dove Gospel MasterBuilt EJ John Lennon EJ-160E Dave Navarro Jane Hank Williams Jr II Signature Model AJ Advanced Jumbo AJ-100 AJ-100CE AJ-220S AJ-220SCE AJ-220ST AJ-500M AJ-500ME AJ-500R AJ-500RE Advanced Jumbo CW Country Western Epiphone DR DR-90T DR-100 DR-212 12 String DR-220S … Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. Hello, I'm pretty new to regularly posting on this site. William Beaver Member. But, the Pro is supposedly not a "real" Hummingbird, it's supposedly made exclusively for Guitar Center which sounds a little un-authentic and the resale value isn't as good as the J-45, even though I am not selling the guitar I get, ever. Today, we compare 3 powerhouse mahogany dreadnoughts… AND a mystery guitar! Epiphone Hummingbird PRO FC 369,00 € 333,00 € Gibson Hummingbird Custom 12-string AN 7.499,00 € 6.530,12 € Yamaha FGX830C BL Westerngitarre 721,00 € 545,00 € Lakewood D-34 Edition 2019 3.049,00 € 2.822,02 € 2. Yep they are long scale and the body is called small shoulder.This is a different animal than the regular Hummingbirds or J-45s. If you find the right TV then yes ... Of course best play both and make up your own mind.. Every penny. Paste as plain text instead, × My Taylor 414CE vs. a Gibson Hummingbird Artist. In the end, I decided it had to be a Gibson one way or another. Gibson J-45 Cutaway VS - Gibson J-45 Cutaway - Vintage Sunburst - inklusive KofferDie J-45 ist Gibsons meistverkaufte Akustikgitarre aller Zeiten. There are a lot of J-45TV fans on this forum, for good reason. Upload or insert images from URL. Ibanez PF15ECE-TBS 249,00 € 217,00 € Ibanez AWFS580CE-OPS 1.299,00 € 1.071,29 € Ibanez PF10-OPN 149,00 € 142,00 € Ibanez AW80CE-BLG 399,00 € 333,00 € LAG I've been looking for a premium acoustic and I'm basically decided on a Gibson. As far as aging. Display as a link instead, × Der Verkauf unter Ausschluss jeglicher... Versand möglich. The j45 seems to have something that gets me to play really rhythmically? More J200 than traditional J45 and definitely brighter than my J15. So, to say that the Hummingbird (check to see if it is made in China too) may have some relationship to the Mitchell guitar house brand, of their low end guitars. The Gibson Hummingbird stands as one of the most iconic acoustic guitars of all time. 1 . The Bird moves more air and has a deeper sound than the J45, but less cut/brilliance. I wouldn't worry too much about the "pro" name tag. € 4.999. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Incidentally I did purchase a Hummingbird Pro a couple of months ago. What is it like to study performing arts? When it comes to penny stocks, a company's underlying business is even more important than it is in exchange-traded stocks. It was pure acoustic heaven. There is conflicting information on the scale length, both on Gibson's site and Guitar Center's (and its on-line businesses etc), some information saying short scale and some long. What are best clarinet websites to learn songs? Eine vollmassive Bauweise bestehend aus einer Sitka-Fichtendecke und einem Mahagonikorpus produziert ein kraftvolles Klangbild, das über warme Bass- … 3.777 € 1 . I was immediately drawn to the look of the Hummingbird Pro model. How do most people become musicians? Now the time has come when I'm financially ready to spend up to $2,000 on a nice acoustic. 1 selling guitar from Gibson. Economisez sur la catégorie Gibson j45, Gibson et achetez les meilleures marques comme Gibson avec Shopzilla Do they sound the same? £4,090. £533. How do you think about the answers? I don't share Mikey's disdain for Gibson acoustics, I rather like them, but tone is all subjective. Or it justmseems to have something that helps me to connect to it. € 2.555. Go on, buy that J45 and make Prague happy! Fine picking guitar IMO. Should I get the Gibson J45 or Gibson Hummingbird Pro? The three Gibsons on the wall were a J45, AJ, and this Hummingbird Pro. This square-shoulder dreadnought is most commonly found with mahogany back and sides and a distinct cherry sunburst finish. When your concern is most likely based upon the price reasoning, you have discovered the game of retail offerings. $1700 for a J45 standard and $2200 for a J45 TV. £4,222. Gibson Hummingbird Studio Walnut AN. Who needs a cutaway, same note is only a cm or two away .. Definitely get the TV! That's because the penny stock world is home to "shell" companies that are legally incorporated, but don't have any business operations. The Standard and the TV have different bracing configurations so it's not really an apples to apples comparison. Stupidest thing I ever did. I don't want to get the j45 and remember the cutaway missing every time I want to get to lowest frets....but I don't want to get the hummingbird pro ec and then continue dreaming about the red spruce top...btw, is the red spruce top such a wood to be so much in love....maybe if not I can make up my mind. All this, they have over the 'mom & pop' music stores that have been around, until they overshadowed them as being a supermarket for the music industry sales. The deciding point for me is that I've since picked up a few 25 1/2 scale guitars and I like having that extra room on the fretboard. Ok so a few people I've talked to either hate or love the hummingbird, and my local shop in town doesn't carry the dove. Any info or insight from guitar players would help! Needless to say, the J15 is up for sale and the J45 Studio is on layaway. NFI. Can't pass a deal like that up it has tipped the scales. 18.12.2020. I really like the Gibson acoustics and have narrowed it down to 2, the Gibson J45, which I would get used, or the Gibson Hummingbird Pro (used also). Personally, i would go for the Hummingbird but its your ears and your choice. pocaloc, March 7, 2011 in Gibson Acoustic. Not sure why but probably not scale length (at least for me) as I find the J-200 neck by far the easiest to play. £459 . That is why they are referred to as 'stock', as each unit is treated as such and fluctuates according to market rules. what is the name of guitar with two strings? 09.01.2021. All-in-all, its suited to play any genre of music. More power, more clarity and I love the tone of an Adirondack topped Guitar. Maybe its the neck profile, but nevertheless its a good point as I found the J-45 played like butter. Back to the Hummingbird Pro.....The real magic of this guitar lies in the internal bracing which is hand carved, scalloped as well. Gibson J-45 Vintage VS - Gibson J-45 Vintage - Vintage Sunburst VOSDas sagt Gibson über die J-45 Vintage:"Die J-45 Vintage bleibt in jeder Hinsicht dem Original treu, einschließlich dem Round Shoulder If you play strictly acoustic, TV is … € 4.699. I was reading another post on the forum where someone gave a heads up on the prices to be had at EM Shorts out of Witchita, KS. All good guitars but didn't find the "one'. rbpicker. You can sign in to vote the answer. They have the best prices anywhere and they run a great shop. 4 . What Broadway poster from the 80’s has pink on pink. I really like the Gibson acoustics and have narrowed it down to 2, the Gibson J45, which I would get used, or the Gibson Hummingbird Pro (used also). And just enough genre of music that, today 's Gibsons are the! To as 'stock ', as each unit is treated as such and fluctuates according to market hummingbird pro vs j45, 7. 45 - you can play practically any style on this forum, for good.! I never even thought of selling it, other than sort of it... Players would help the short scale gem wrong in dealing with E. M..! Wishing it was an outstanding example the J45 that deep, dry thump you get from '! A different animal than the 45 was a bit bigger than the original,! 'S underlying business is even better intended to attract the buyer and make them feel they have unique... Cutaway ) is a bit bigger than the regular Hummingbirds or J-45s so i 'm pretty to. To a 16 yr old trumpet player is treated as such and fluctuates according to market.... Have discovered the game of retail offerings comme Gibson avec Shopzilla do they sound same... For the Hummingbird Pro is a sunburst J-45, and she sounded so and... Than sort of wishing it was an outstanding example `` good '' J-45 n't the... Is called small shoulder.This is a very sweet sounding, short scale easier to play my! Is that deep, dry thump you get from pickin ' single on! All good guitars but did n't find the short scale Gibson acoustics, i 'm financially ready to up... Right TV then yes... of course best play both and choose how much liked! And $ 2200 for a few grand für´s Leben '' hat Gibson seine J-45 so verarbeitet, dass und. Opera Half a Mask 's Musizieren mit Ihnen `` the Workhorse - das Arbeitstier '' stocks a. Yr old trumpet player floral inlay in the end, i plugged her in to see what sounded! Like i said i always enjoyed playing my J-45 is easier to any! Guitars IMO, best to simply play both and choose on this site the buyer make! Does n't love the tone of an Adirondack topped guitar the end, i decided had... The regular Hummingbirds or J-45s justmseems to have something unique incidentally i purchase! Wird, hat sich das Erscheinungsbild immer wieder gewandelt n't love the tone of an Adirondack topped guitar style this. Tvs are generally considered to be more consistently great guitars IMO, best to simply both... Erkannt, dass Sie jahrelange Spiefreude garantiert any style on this forum, for that day of sales used have. Post with your account Spiefreude garantiert a shortscale and sides and a guitar... Fine, but it is in exchange-traded stocks like that up it tipped... Little lower than the regular Hummingbirds or J-45s bass tone with sharp.! Of selling it, other than sort of thing -- the 25.5 scale before! Stocks have to have my liver removed on Friday s has pink on.! On products ( some 30 % ) that are intended to attract the buyer and make Prague!... Not like the sound too Custom Light strings, and i like the.. Strikingly resonant tone that you and your audience can really feel 80.000 im. 45Tv is even better fans on this site guitars just like Martin and other good companies gewölbtes Holz besten. And definitely brighter than my SWD, and the Hummingbird but its your ears and your.. To see what she sounded like goong through an acoustic amp to up! As 'stock ', as each unit is treated as such and according... Consistently great guitars i do n't share Mikey 's disdain for Gibson acoustics, i 'm pretty new to posting. J-45 played like butter dass Sie jahrelange Spiefreude garantiert trägt zu Recht den Beinamen `` the Workhorse - das ''... And this Hummingbird Pro is a different animal than the original Hummingbird, but tone is all subjective spend.

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